24V 32 Tone Sounder Shallow Base RED 106dB

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The VTG sounder contains an array of features and benefits that installers are rapidly becoming familiar with. With its quick fit shallow base or its IP65 multi-purpose deep base, VTG gives a high output 105 dBa as standard. The volume setting (low, medium or high) is selected via the DIL switch with the required tone.

VTG has 32 standard tones for the UK market, with alternatives for other countries. VTG sounders are delivered with the volume set to a nominal 101dBa output, and the tone set to sweep. Two-stage alarm is available by using 3 wires.

With an operating frequency of 800 to 1000Hz, each sounder provides sound within the frequency range specified by BS5839 and has a wide operating voltage of 12-35Vdc.

Standard with all VTG products is a universal locking system. Utilising an industry standard grub screw, each VTG product may be locked in place, making Vantage fully compliant with the latest requirements of British and European standards.

Quick fit installation is achieved by the bayonet fixing arrangement on each base and is standard on both base variants. The deep mounting base features a throw-away cover plate for surface mount wiring. This is kept in place when wiring directly through into the rear of the product.

Part No. VTG-32-SB VTG-32-DB
Sound Level: Low Med High Low Med High
Sound Output @ 1 metre Tone 1 86dBa 101dBa 106dBa 86dBa 101dBa 106dBa
Current Consumption @ 24Vdc ≤ 9mA ≤ 18mA ≤ 36mA ≤ 9mA ≤ 18mA ≤ 36mA
Voltage Range 15 – 35Vdc 15 – 35Vdc
Number of Tones 32 32
Operation Frequency 440Hz – 2900Hz 440Hz – 2900Hz
IP Rating IP 43 IP 65
Temperature Range -20

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