A5 GSM Alarm Auto-Dialer and SMS Sender-No Enclosure

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The A5 GSM Alarm Dialer is ideal for use in Burglar Alarms as a universal fit GSM Auto-Dialer/SMS Message Sender. With two inputs both the bell and alarm status can be monitored. If the alarm is triggered a user customisable SMS message can be sent to up to 64 numbers. Additionally up to 64 numbers can be called to instantly alert users to the alarm sounding (requires caller ID)

Using the output relay the alarm can be silenced by any master user by sending the word ‘silence’ in a SMS message to the dialer.

 If your alarm features additional outputs, such as a SET/UNSET output, this can also be monitored using input B allowing you to be notified when your alarm is armed and disarmed.

Programming is performed by SMS text using real word command like ‘add’ and ‘remove’ and can be done remotely at any time.  There are no annoying passwords to remember as you are identified to the system by your mobile number.

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