Access control power centre for four access control PCBs

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The DA482 is a unique access control enclosure suitable for mounting four controllers (or other equipment), as well as providing lock and system power. It has a built-in 12V DC battery backed power supply unit, designed for ease ofuse and reliability. Access control equipment can be housed and powered from one neat and tidy central location.Just add PCBs & batteries.

The power supply is equipped with monitoring contacts for mains and battery status, battery low voltage disconnect
(deep discharge protection)
 and user selectable fire alarm switching of lock outputs.

The unit contains two sets of outputs for each PCB position, a 500mA PCB output and a 2A lock output that is
switchable by the fire enable.

Both the switched and non-switched outputs are protected by self resetting fuses and
have individual LED status indication for each output.

The 2A switched outputs can be switched via a single fire panel relay.

Unique Features:

  •  All in one equipment mounting and power solution for access control
  •  12V DC (13.7)
  •  high reliability and efficiency switchmode power supply
  •  Neat and compact key-lockable enclosure with removable lid
  •  Separate PCB & lock power outputs
  •  User selectable fire alarm switching for lock outputs Battery backup -houses and charges two 12V VRLA batteries up to 12Ah
  • Individual self-resetting 2A switchable lock outputs (x4)
  • Individual self-resetting 500mA PCB outputs (x4)
  • In-built back EMF spike protection
  • Fast-fit  tool free PCB mounting system
  • Mains & battery status volt free monitoring contacts
  • Automatic battery deep discharge protection
  • Mains on LED status indication
  • Individual output LED status indication
  • Mild steel wall mountable enclosure,(w405 xh400 xd120mm)  Cable entry knock outs on all sides
  • White powder coating to RAL9016
  • Lid tamper switch
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in Great Britain






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