Aritech 10 cm Diameter Base – 6 terminals

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10 cm diameter base for [DP721R] 6 terminals

Preventing false alarms with self diagnostics All Aritech 700 series smoke detectors continuously monitor their sensitivity and  operational status.
Background drift is daily compensated to maintain the original calibrated sensitivity within the EN54 sensitivity limits.

Once a day the detector performs a full diagnostic test that includes dynamically testing the sensing chamber as well as the internal electronics. If a detector drifts out of sensitivity range or fails the internal diagnostics test, this is reported back to the
panel and indicated on the detector with a yellow fault LED.

Maintenance friendly sensitivity level test mode The photoelectric detectors include a sensitivity test mode that may be activated by simply holding a magnet near the detectors test point. This initiates a self-diagnostic routine and provides visual indication
if service is required. This test mode allows field sensitivity testing without the requirement for external meters or test gas.

Field cleaning and service

The photoelectric sensing chamber unclips from the detector for easy field cleaning and service. During regular maintenance the detector cover can be  removed, the optical chamber removed and thrown away and replaced by a low cost, new chamber. On
power up the detector auto-calibrates and returns to normal operating mode without any further intervention.

The right detector for the right job

For a truly fast and broad-spectrum detection a multi-criteria optical/heat sensor is also available.
The interaction of both the smoke and heat algorithms ensure a quick response to both flaming and smouldering fires.
All bases are provided with an integral locking tab for extra security reasons if required. They are also equipped with a shorting bar between IN and OUT that opens when the head is installed and that may be manually restored when removing the head. This
simplifies line testing before detector installation to ensure continuity.

Standard Features

  • Automatic self diagnostics: Dynamic full detector and
  • sensitivity test
  • Manual self diagnostic with visual sensitivity indication
  • Field sensitivity testing without external meters
  • Field exchangeable and disposable optical chamber
  • High false alarm immunity
  • Floating background with drift compensation
  • Separate fire and fault LED
  • 12 – 24 VDC operation
  • Polarity insensitive
  • Full range: optical, heat and optical/heat multi criteria sensor
  • EN54 approved

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