Bewator RX318DZ

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18 Function preset DC receiver with 62 dynamic privacy zones, OSD & universal protocol telemetry

18 Function DC Receiver has been designed to be high performance, reliable and easy to use. The RX3 will enable dc variable speed pre set pan & tilt camera heads to be optimally controlled to high precision in terms of dynamic speed range and positional accuracy. As well as allowing operators to control camera heads in order to monitor the scene, the receiver incorporates dynamic electronic zone masking that enables the privacy of those in adjacent areas not under surveillance to be maintained. The RX3 receiver can be controlled from existing Bewator equipment using over the coax or twisted pair telemetry. The receiver supports other telemetry protocols including Ernitec (ERNA), and Pelco (D&P). Compatible with Videmech Universal Protocol (UP), the RX3 can be used as a direct replacement for the Videmech 150 / V1500P.

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