Bitron Telephone Interface for PABX Systems

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Alpha+ Interface

Alpha+ Telephone interface for PABX systems is an ideal solution for offices, other commercial premises or large houses that have PABX telephone systems and want to add an entry panel.

The Alpha+ telephone interface can be interfaced with most PABX telephone systems.
It serves to connect the audio from a door entry panel to a telephone on a PABX rather than a dedicated entry system handset.  It can be set to ring any extension or calling group on the PABX, including cordless DECT phones to give a new level of mobility and flexability.  The call from the entry panel is answered on the telephone and the two way speech is initiated as with a dedicated entry system handset.  The door can be released by pressing ** on the telephone keypad.

There are many applications for this system, including people with reduced mobility or personnel that are mobile in and around a premises.  As an added feature, a call that is not answered within a pre-determind time can be diverted to an outside telephone number.  This enables a call to be sent off site to a remote telephone when there is no user on site.

Compatible with the full range of Bitron Video audio and video entry panels including the Vandal resistant range, special DDA panels or the standard Domular Classic or Domular 3000 modular panels.

ALPH+        Telephone interface for PABX systems
FL/RS+        Programming interface for Alpha+ module
ALPH4P        Multiple entrace extensions for ALPH+ Module (Max 4 entrance)

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