BPT Thangram Keypad X-AIR+ KIT with white OPALE Monitor

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The white Opale monitor comes with a 4.3 inch touch sensitive screen and touch sensitive concealed keys. Featuring video entry voicemail and call list, the monitor is easy to use with its sharp LCD display. The monitor is installed flush to the surface of the wall and operated hands-free, meaning you simply need to touch a button to operate the unit.

Included with the kit is the modular Thangram door entry panel, which comes complete with keypad and is only 25 mm thin. The panel delivers high quality video to the monitor due to high quality image processing no matter the lighting conditions.

The kit can call up to 10 devices and any number of BPT monitors and is compatible with the whole BPT range.


  • X-Air app, control access from anywhere in the residence
  • Hard wired door entry panel and monitor system couples with XIP system and local area network and WIFI
  • Can additionally control home automation and utilise XiP porter system
  • Mix of tablets, smartphones and monitors can be used (Android and Apple supported)
  • Up to 500 access codes can be handled by manual programming, with up to 1,500 by software tools


This kit includes:

  •     1 x Thangram Single Button 1 module (Model DPS)
  •     1 x Access Control Keypad (Model DNA/ME)
  •     1 x Thangram Embedding Box (Model DSI)
  •     1 x Thangram Embedding Frame (model DCI)
  •     1x Power Supply (Model VAS/101)
  •     1 x XIP Gateway to Ethernet (Model ETI/XIP)
  •     1 x Relay (Model R/1)

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