C-Tec CFP 8 Zone Repeater Panel

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C-TEC, CFP760, CFP 8 Zone Repeater Panel

CFP 8 zone repeater panel, Max 8 repeaters per system. Max. 2 x 3.2Ah batteries

A maximum of eight Repeaters can be used per system, each with its own mains power supply and requiring its own battery-back-up supply. Each Repeater repeats the indicators of the Master panel and allows the User access to all Access Level 1 and Access Level 2 functions from remote parts of a site. Communication with the Master panel is achieved using network driver cards (one provided per Repeater), communicating over screened two-wire fire resistant cable of up to 1 km in length. To allow communication to take place, an additional network driver card must be fitted at the Master panel. The Repeater panel’s enclosure is flush or surface mountable

Key Features:

    Third-party certified to the relevant parts of EN54 in conjunction with our ActiV detectors
    Easy to fit with lots of working space
    Can be ceiling mounted in any orientation due to the true 360° degree viewing angle of the LED indicator strips on all ActiV detectors
    Integrated detector/base locking mechanism, head removal tool and ID tag
    Simple ‘click and twist’ design
    Remote LED terminals for the optional connection to a BF318 Remote indicator
    Bright tin plated steel terminals can accept fire rated cable of up to 2.5mm in diameter
    Compatible with C-TEC’s entire range of ActiV conventional smoke and heat detectors

Technical Specifications:

    Mains supply voltage: 230 V ±10% 50/60Hz
    Internal power supply: 27Vd.c.Nominal
    Supply and battery charger monitored for failure: YES (battery charger is also temperature compensated)
    Batteries monitored for disconnection & failure: YES
    Batteries protected against deep discharge: YES (Deep discharge cut off approx. 21 Volts)
    Battery size and type (for 24 hours stand-by): 2 x 12V 1.2A Hr VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) connected in series
    Battery size and type (for 72 hours stand-by): 2 x 12V 2.1A Hr VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) connected in series
    Mains Fuse: 240V 1A HRC Ceramic 20mm compliant to IEC (EN60127 PT2)
    Battery Fuse: 1.6A F 20mm compliant to IEC (EN60127 PT2)
    Maximum network cable length: 1 km
    Physical size / Dimensions: Size = 380 x 235 x 96mm appox;
    Weight (without batteries): 1.75kg
    Operating conditions: All components are selected to operate within their specification when conditions outside the enclosure comply with class 3k5 of IEC 721-3-3:1978. -5 to +40ºC

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