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Add a touch of flair to your fire alarm, disabled refuge and call system installations with our new BF359/3 range of brushed stainless steel enclosures.
Designed to enhance the appearance of our XFP fire, SigTEL disabled refuge and Quantec control equipment, the range is ideal for use in prestigious buildings and/or applications where vandalism is an
Finished in high quality brushed stainless steel with a glazed polycarbonate front window, each enclosure requires one of two lock kits – the BF359/3CL cam lock kit or the BF359/3SL solenoid lock kit STAINLESS STEEL ENCLOSURES

  • Finished in high quality brushed stainless steel with a glazed polycarbonate window and mild steel back box
  • Attractive, tamper resistant design
  • Deep and shallow versions available
  • BF359/3S Shallow version is compatible with XFP 1-2 loop 32 zone fire panelsand repeaters, AFP 1-2 loop 32 zone fire panels and repeaters, QT601-2 QuantecControllers and ECU-8NT SigTEL disabled refuge controllers (no handset version)
  • BF359/3D Deep version is compatible with ECU-8 SigTEL disabled refuge master controller
  • Two lock kits available
  • BF359/3CL cam lock kit includes a simple pull knob or key-operated camlock
  • BF359/3SL solenoid lock kit can be configured using third-party equipment toautomatically unlock the enclosure in an emergency
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for use in prestigious buildings/reception areas or for protecting control panels situated in unmanned areas

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