Castle 162 Zone Grade 3 ID Intruder Alarm Panel Only

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The Euro-162 is a panel designed to meet all the requirements of EN50131-3 and suitable for use in systems designed to comply with PD6662:2010 at Grade 3.

With a host of accessories, the EURO-162 offers maximum flexibility and ensures that each EURO-162 system can be individually tailored to the required application. The new generation Euro control panels are the ideal solution for EN 50131-1 Grade 3 installations.

The latest addition to the range of peripherals is the wireless ZEM, which can greatly enhance the flexibility of the control panel, with the capabilities of adding wireless bells, wireless detectors and wireless control keyfobs for setting and unsetting, as well as other functionality.

A Grade 3 System is a medium to high risk environment where the intruder will have more sophisticated equipment and will be highly competent. On Grade 3 systems, the detectors must have an anti-masking feature and the control panel must be notified and be able to act upon an anti mask signal. The majority will be commercial applications, but grade 3 can also apply to high risk domestic premises.

Euro-76 is available in three sizes, 76 inputs, 162 inputs or 280 inputs. Optional extras in the panel include integrated digi modem, STU footprint for adding communicators, or both.

Product Features

Zones   162 (Click here for Zone Map)
Keypads   Max 16
Tag Readers   Max 15
Access Control Points   Max 15 = Total Not to Exceed 16 devices
Partitions   12 areas or 12 levels
Wards   Max 15
Shunts   Max 81
Codes   200 (+20 Duress/Guard)
Programmable Outputs   12 to 107 + Speaker
Output Modules   8
ZEMs   EoL Mode: 18 (8 zone ZEM or Radio) ¦ iD Mode: 4 (30 zone ZEM or Radio)
Logs   2000
EN Grade   3

Technical Specifications

Hold Off:   650 mA (continuous)
Max 800 mA in alarm
Outputs 1 & 2:   800 mA
Output 3:   100 mA
Output 4   100 mA
Relay (A):   3 Amp (Volt-free Change-over contacts)
Loudspeaker   Max load 8 ohms
Suitable for 1×8 ohm or 2×16 ohm speakers
‘STU’ Pins   1 mA
12v outlets   800 mA
300mA on ZEM

Mains Supply:   230v (220-240v) AC
Max 250mA
Power Supply:   13.75v DC
2.5 Amp (1.5A continuous)
Battery:   17Ah
Battery:   3.15A Quick Blow
12v outlets:   800mA Quick Blow

Box Dimensions:   390mm (h) x 320mm (w) x 97mm (d)

Keypad not included

Additional information

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