Castle Care Tech RS-232 Loom PC to MSX Card

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RS-232 Loom Connects socket on RS-232/MSX card to a PC serial port.

RS 232 Serial to USB Converters

Some laptop computers are now built without any serial ports but USB to RS-232 converters are readily available from computer stores to get around the problem.

After plugging it into your computer’s USB port, a serial “COM” port will be created. To find out which COM port it is plugged into (which you’ll need to configure Euro InSite 2004) you can open the system folder in your computer’s ‘Control Panel’. After clicking on the ‘hardware’ tab and the ‘device manager’ button, the COM port will be listed.

When buying a USB to RS-232 converter, make sure that it has a male serial connector, else the RS- 232 loom will not be able to be plugged in to it.

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