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VARA Room Sounder
The Vara room sounder is ideal for applications where a discrete, low profile sounder is required that has superlative performance and sound clarity.

Utilising a nose cone that reflects sound back onto the front plate, the Vara room sounder gives a wide distribution of sound and is ideal for applications in corridors where a more dispersed sound is required.

Each Vara sounder has a choice of four tones including warble, sweep and pips selected from a jumper fitted to the pcb. The Continuous tone is selected via the terminal array and is also used as a second stage alarm if a third wire is fitted. Each of these tones matches other Cranford sounder products.

Additional performance can be achieved by using the Vara VLS series. Each VLS version contains two ultra bright LED’s, giving an additional visual warning, ideal for wards and sheltered accommodation applications in which a visual alarm may be of more significance than an audible alarm.

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