CQR 6 Core Screened Professional Intruder Alarm Cable

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Screened security cable 100m 6 Core White

Each core consists of 7 strands of 0.2mm annealed tinned copper wire and is sheathed in colour coded PVC. An additional overall aluminium foil wrap screen and parallel bare 7 strand 0.2mm drain wire included. All cores are then sheathed overall in either white or brown Type 1 PVC. Available Sizes: 4,6,8 and 12core cables. Complies with BS4737, Section 3.30.


4 Core 6 Core 8 Core 12 Core
Red Red Red Red
Black Black Black Black
Blue Blue Blue Blue
Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow
  Green Green Green
  White White White
    Orange Orange
    Brown Brown
Drain Drain Drain Drain


Core Type 0.2mm

Strands per core 7

Strand Diameter 0.2mm

Conduction Area 0.22mm

Core Gauge 24 AWG

Insulation Thickness 0.3mm

Max. Voltage 50V RMS

Max Current 1 Amp

Max. Op. Temp 70 degrees C

Core Resistance. 92 Ohms/Km

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