CQR FI/CQR983-CO conventional 12 Volt CO DETECTOR

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  • Duel LED’S for 360o visibility
  • Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms
  • Easy Installation and maintenance
  • Sleek low-profile housing
  • Durable sensor head, no need for replacement
  • 4 Wire
  • Comes complete with base

This conventional CO Detector is effective for detecting any buildup of Carbon Monoxide in your residence, and is engineered to perform the following features:

1. Easy to install.

2. Monitors any accidental leaks of carbon monoxide in a continuous manner.

3. Emits a loud alarm (>70db) when it detects a buildup of Carbon Monoxide.

4. Continuously self-tests operative functions.

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1 review for CQR FI/CQR983-CO conventional 12 Volt CO DETECTOR

  1. James Buck

    Easy fit, compact, stylish, unobtrusive. The only problem is that there is the U it does not have a Test button on it. I have installed three of these into my intruder alarm panel and they all light up as they should. The only way I have found to test the wiring back to the control panel is to twist the detector off the base to open the circuit. Sadly this does not test the onboard relay or onboard sounder. If you are looking for a detector you can test easily don\’t buy this one!

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