CQR Ultima PZ Yellow External Sounder Backplate only

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Ultima PZ

The Ultima PZ has a Single 116dB(A) piezo sounder, as well as twin independent strobe lights, within a dual skin polycarbonate housing. Selectable 3/15 minute failsafe timers with SAB/SCB options are also included. Both the Siren and Strobe trigger wires can also be monitored by the Ultima for integrity to comply with EN50131-1 Grade 3.

Base: BCULT/PZ/SUP/colour
Lens: BCULT/LENS/colour
(colour= Yl=Yellow, OP=Opal, BL=Blue)

Dimensions: W: 233mm H: 378mm D: 78mm

Print Area: 150mm x 280m

Backplate 3mm Poly-carbonate
Inner Cover 3mm Poly-carbonate
Cover 3mm Poly-carbonate
Tamper Detection Wall, cover option for screw
Sounder Type Piezo
No.of sounders 1
Sounder output @1m (dB(A)) 116
Sounder Current (mA) 250
Failsafe timer (minutes) 3/15
Strobe type Xenon
No. of strobes 2
Strobe output (watts) 1
Strobe current (mA) 80
Backup battery (type & size) NiCd 6V 280mAH
Quiescent current (mA) 50
Total current in alarm 350
Comfort LEDs Tamper Green, Hold-Off Green, Battery Red
SAB/SCB option Yes
Trigger wire monitoring option Standard
Standards PD6662:2004 & BS4737

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