Daitem Mains Powered Controller

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Product Description

This mains powered controller is used in conjunction with Daitem’s SC series wireless audio kit. It supplies power to the entrance panel as well as controlling the wireless radio link within the kit.

The controller can trigger any type of electric lock or activate a gate motor. It also has inputs to connect associated devices such as garage door opening, lighting and fountain operation, which are all remotely controlled via the wireless handset.

Designed for outdoor use and housed in a polycarbonate plastic casing, this controller has a working range of up to 400 metres in open field condition; however this all depends on the environmental and installation conditions.

All the necessary components required for installation are supplied with the controller. However a power supply and rechargeable standby batteries are required to operate this unit. This can be purchased separately.

Technical Data

  • Power supply: 12 – 24 V AC or 12 – 30 V DC
  • Working temperature: -20 C to +70 degree
  • Power supply and control of 12 V / 1.5 A max. standard latch

Product Attributes


12.0 V AC
12.0 V DC ; 1.0 Amphere (1000mA)
230 V AC (mains)
24.0 V DC


Wireless Radio

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