Daitem wireless remote entry control system

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Manufacturer: Daitem

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Wireless audio intercom with entry control functions for pedestrian & motorised gates , can control up to 4 entrances with up to 4 handsets per entrance + 2 way voice communication plus inter handset intercom + built-in Single electric door release + relay trigger for powered gate + Remote Light Control , garage door fountain pumps etc via up to 32 auxiliary switching receivers per system ( SA706AX or SA707AX)

Single dwelling multi function kit with mains powered Controller (12 – 24 vac use A7901 transformer) & 908-21X rechargeable impulse battery, 2 button translucent ext. Caller Unit w/built-in Tag reader & 1 TAG plus 1 button anti-vandal metal faceplate, can be converted to 2 dwelling system by addition of DB602 metal faceplate & additional Handset/s. Kit includes white portable wireless Handset rechargeable from plug-in mains charger base.

The SC901AU wireless remote entry control system includes:

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