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Dantech DC (12V or 24V) Dual voltage with monitoring

The following range of PSUs provide either a 12V DC (13.7) or a 24V
DC (27.4) output. The output voltage can be changed from 12V to 24V by
using a simple selector plug.
These units provide two separate output terminals and can house and
charge two 12V 7Ah VRLA batteries.
Typical uses are for powering door access controllers, electric releases and maglocks.

These units are equipped with separate SPCO (Single Pole Change Over) contacts for ‘mains fail’ monitoring.

There is also an undedicated SPCO ‘universal’ relay that can be driven
for a 12V or 24V DC supply. A typical use for this relay would be
interfacing a fire panel with the power supply to de-power maglocks in
the event of a fire condition.

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