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The Infinite Prime is a basic, reliable and robust security system using one-way wireless FM technology. The system uses PSTN and GSM connectivity and is compatible with all of EL’s wireless keypads and peripherals. Supports SMS event notifications, remote programming and maintenance,  audio communication, range extension and more.

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless FM technology
  • 32 wireless zones
  • 19 keyfobs
  • PSTN/GSM as primary or backup communication modules
  • DTMF/SMS/voice alerts and event notifications to end-users
  • SIA (SMS/voice) and Contact ID (voice) via PSTN/GSM event reporting
  • Event-triggered initiation of two-way voice communication – full duplex/simplex
  • Remote programming via PSTN/GSM
  • Robust anti-collision transmission
  • 66 bits encryption with SecuriCode™ technology (hopping and rolling code)
  • Menu-driven programming for quick and easy installation
  • Installer built-in utilities
  • Real-time transmitter list and status, visible and audible signal strength meter
  • GSM network coverage indication
  • Smart walk test; transmitter test; wireless siren test; internal siren test; interface test
  • Range extender repeater for expansive installations


Kit includes

  • 1 x Infinine Prime Panel.
  • 3 x INF-PIR Motion Detectors.
  • 1 x INF-MAG Magnetic Switch.
  • 1 x INF-MFB Multi-function Keyfob.
  • 1 x INFP-GSM GSM Mobile Phone Module
  • Built-in Speech Dialler

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