Elmdene 2.0A 1 x 2A fused output PSU

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The ‘Vision’ range of power supplies has been specifically designed for CCTV installations and features  24V a.c. and d.c. models in various formats.

24V ac Power Supplies

Encapsulated – 100L x 70W x 60D

  • VR24500EB/EE       0.5A
  • VR241000EB/EE     1.0A

Fitted with moulded mains plug – EB=UK / EE=Europe

Boxed – 100H x 150W x 65D – clam lid

  • VR2420         2.0A   1 x 2A fused output
  • VR2420-4      2.0A   4 x 0.5A fused outputs

 Boxed – 185H x 200W x 55D – hinge lid

  • VR2440         4.0A   1 x 4.1A fused output
  • VR2440-4      4.0A   4 x 0.5A fused outputs
  • VR2440-8      4.0A   8 x 0.5A fused outputs
  • VR2460-4      6.0A   4 x 1.5A fused outputs

Boxed – 300H x 240W x 50D – lockable hinge lid

  • VR2480-T      8A   1 x 8A fused output
  • VR2480-2-T   8A   2 x 4A fused outputs
  • VR2480-4-T   8A   4 x 2A fused outputs
  • VR2480-8-T   8A   8 x 1A fused outputs

IP66 ABS Box – 182H x 182W x 90D

  • VR2440-P       4.0A   1 x 4.0A fused output
  • VR2440-4P     4.0A   4 x 1A fused outputs
  • VR2460-4P     6.0A   4 x 1.5A fused outputs


24V ac

Output 23-28V a.c
Mains Supply 230V +10%/-15%@50Hz

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