Elmdene 3.0 Amp Output, plus battery charging. Box size A

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High efficiency, cost effective range of Switch Mode power supplies for use in Access Control, CCTV and General Purpose applications. Modular construction provides for easy maintenance and upgrade capability.

Featuring a regulated highly stable output supplying a full rated current to load and a universal mains voltage input (90 to 264 Volts a.c.)

Switch Mode 12 Volt dc Power Supply Units

The Range Consists of 10 Models:

  • G13801N-A     1.0A
  • G13802N-A     2.0A
  • G13802N-C     2.0A
  • G13803N-A     3.0A
  • G13803N-B     3.0A
  • G13803N-C     3.0A
  • G13804N-B     4.0A
  • G13804N-C     4.0A
  • G13805N-B     5.0A
  • G13805N-C     5.0A

‘G-N’ Series Features:

  • Full Rated Current to Load + 0.5A battery charging
  • Universal Mains Voltage Input 90V – 264V ac
  • Electronic Overload Protection
  • Mains Transient Protection
  • Front Tamper Protection
  • Mains Status LED Indication


Output (mains on) 13.6 – 14.2V dc nominal
Load Output 1,2,3,4 & 5 Amp
Max Battery Capacity ‘A’ Box: 1 x 7Ah. ‘B’ & ‘C’ Box 1 x 17Ah – not supplied
Mains Supply 90 – 264V a.c. @50-60Hz
Environment -10C to 40C @ 95%RH


A 200Hx230Wx80D hinge lid
B 330Hx355Wx80D clam lid
C 275Hx330Wx80D hinge lid

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