Elmdene AMS-EBIR3-RG Infra-Red Proximity Exit Button Contactless

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The Elmdene IR request to exit devices are designed for use in access control systems and are made from strong and durable stainless steel with IP65 rated switch components.
The smart stainless steel plate provides a modern and aesthetically pleasing solution to building access in any application. The standard colour indication red for standby and green for activated,  however it is possible for this to be reversed providing flexibility to the installer should a particular colour coding be required.
The exit devices are designed for use in applications where it is necessary to open a door without physically touching the device. This helps to minimise contamination and spread of infection making the devices particularly suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, engineering facilities, food preparation and serving areas and other clean environments. They are also ideal for buildings used by disabled or elderly people.
Devices use Standard UK Switch Box Size
Aesthetically Pleasing
Durable Stainless Steel Faceplate
Reversable Indication Colours
Adjustable Contact Latch Time
Adjustable IR Detection Range
Long Life:
Infra Red Sensor – 100,000 hrs (>11years)
Relay – 1000,000 operations
Switch Component IP65
Two options of surface mounting box available:
AMS-EBIR-BOX (Plastic 28mm Chrome effect)
AMS-EBIR BOX-SS (Metal 32mm Brushed Steel)
Supply Voltage 12V dc nominal
Maximum Current 23mA Quiescent / 30mA Activated
Contacts Com/NO/NC
Contact Rating 1A @30V dc
Operating Temperature -10oC to +70oC
Dimensions 86 x 86 (std UK single plate)

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