Elmdene Grade 2 13.8V dc 1.0a PSU

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The Range consists of Eight Models:

Grade 2:

  • GEN2-08-A
  • GEN2-08-B
  • GEN2-18-B
  • GEN2-18-C

Grade 3:

  • GEN3-08-A
  • GEN3-08-B
  • GEN3-18-B
  • GEN3-18-C

GEN Features:

  • High Efficiency Switch Mode Operation
  • Comprehensive Battery Management

    • Deep Discharge Protection
    • Battery Fault Detection (Grade 3)
    • High Efficiency 3 Stage Charging (18Ah)
  • Dedicated Fault Outputs

    • EPS Fault (mains fail)
    • APS Fault (battery fault) (Grade 3)
    • PSU Fault (general fault)
  • Internal LED PSU Status
  • High Security Front and Rear Tamper (Grade 2 front only)
  • Full Rated Current To Load + Battery Charging
  • Electronic Overload Protection
  • Mains Transient Protection


Output (mains on)

13.8V dc nominal

Load Output 08 Maximum 1.0A  – 12 hours @ 580/660mA  (7/8Ah)
18 Maximum 1.5A  – 12 hours @ 1.4/1.5A      (17/18Ah)
Mains Supply 90V  – 265V a.c @50/60Hz

-10C to 40C @ 95%RH

Type A 200H x 230W x 80D – hinge lid
Type B 330H x 355W x 80D – clam lid*
Type C 275H x 330W x 80D – hinge lid
Box Sizes for battery
’08’ models 1 x 7 or 8Ah 1.0A**
’18’ models 1 x 17 or 18Ah 1.5A**
*Communication devices will fit into a ‘B’ size box when used with a 7/8Ah battery.
**Full current to load plus additional current to charge standby battery


GEN range Complies with the following standards::

EN50131-6:2008      GEN2 –Grade 2        GEN3 – Grade 3           All Environmental Class

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