Elmdene Medium Grade 2 Surface Contact (Grey Resistors)

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Where Contacts are supplied with Integral Resistors, Cabled or Terminal, a Colour Code is used to make it easy for you to match them to your chosen control panel, ensuring you have the correct value resistors built into the Contact. The colour code is simply attached to the end of the product code, for example EN3-LSC-RD

The table below identifies the ‘Contact Colours’ designated to the most popular control panels:

Resistors Colour Code Control Panel(s)
4k7 / 2k2 Red RD ADE – Bosch – Castle – Dycon – Menvier – Pyronix –Scantronic – Texecom
1k / 1k Green GN Honeywell
8k2 / 8k2 Blue BL Guardall
4k7 / 4k7 Grey GY Aritech – HKC – Siemens
6k8 / 4k7 Purple PU GardTec
2k2 / 2k2 Yellow YL Europlex
5k6 / 5k6 Orange OR DSC
22k/10k Brown BRN Texecom Veritas


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