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Product Overview

When providing standby power for a PoE switch using a 240V ac UPS it is often difficult to achieve the required battery back up times due to the UPS having to power all connected devices to the switch when a mains failure occurs.

Elmdene’s POE-PSM-4 is a unique device designed to overcome this issue! When mains fails it automatically disconnects pre-selected (non-critical) PoE channels, allowing either an extended battery backup period for the critical channels or permits the system designer to ‘de-spec’ the UPS battery requirements to fulfil the required standby period; therefore saving costs!
The POE-PSM-4 is a 4 channel device but can be simply linked together with further units (with a supplied link cable) to increase the number of channels available for selection. Selecting the non-critical channels is conducted using simple DIL switches on the front panel of the device and confirmation status LED’s highlight which channels have been selected.
The unit is self-powered by the PoE input on the master channel so there is no need for an external PSU.
Triggering of the device to indicate a mains fail condition is conducted either by a contact (N/O or N/C) or by removal of a 12V dc signal.


-Automatically disconnects non-critical PoE channels on a mains failure

-Provides extended standby times by a UPS under a mains fail condition

-Easy install & set-up

-4 Input / 4 Output PoE connections per device

-Can be linked together to increase channel availability

-Works with any PoE 802.3af Endspan (switch)

-Triggered by contact or removal of a 12V signal

-Compact, neat enclosure

-Desk or wall mountable

-3 year warranty

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