Fermax 9401 Veo Monitor

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Video door entry COLOUR monitor. TFT screen 4.3″

Installed in homes, lets you communicate with the outside panel, open the door and see the visitor on the built-in screen.

The new VEO monitor is even simpler and more functional. A synthesis that takes design and performance to their most essential expressions, in a monitor specially designed for those users who decide to take the leap into video.

A new member in the home for those seeking comfort and ease when communicating.

The VEO monitor is made of high-impact ABS plastic. Texturised finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection to get more resistance to the light.

VEO incorporates a 4,3” colour TFT screen. Its unique handset design incorporating a magnet enables the user to put it back into positon correctly when the call is finished.

Its balanced design of pure lines is distinguishing, modern and minimal. VEO integrates in the ambience of any contemporary interior design.

VDS system: 
Simplified installation audio and video door entry system that does not use house call wires. The call is made by transmission of a digital call code generated by the VDS amplifier.
– In new works, installation can be carried out with the following type of wiring: UTP CAT5 / 5 wire / 3 wire + Coaxial (video). 
Lets you manage up to 199 homes, 2 entrance accesses and a central guard unit. 
Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m.
– In replacement works, the change from analogue entry to video entry system can be done taking advantage of the existing wiring. 
The system capacity and distance will depend on the installation wiring. 
VDS amplifier comes with voice synthesizer as standard issue. 
When the door release is activated a message is heard: “The door is open, please close the door behind you”. 
The home terminals require simple programming done from the outdoor panel. By means of this programming a call code is assigned to each terminal (telephone or monitor). 
Communication is private. 
Wiring. Audio: 3-wire bus. Video: UTP CAT5 / 5 wire / 3 wire + Coaxial (video). 
Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m.


Call lengthener or light and bell activator: for direct connection of the call lengthener or light and bell activator in the corresponding terminals.

Screen TFT 4.3″.

Resolution: 480 (H) x 272 (V) lines.

SURFACE installation (installed on the wall, the extra-thin profile only protrudes 23mm from the wall, 44mm with arm).
Monitor dimensions: 200 x200x44 (height-width-depth).

Power supply: 18 Vdc

Door release and guard unit call button.

Auto-on button for main and secondary camera activation (sequentially).

Call volume control

Colour, brightness and contrast control.

Door bell: for direct house call button connection to monitor/telephone.

Selectable call tunes.

Private communication. Conversation secrecy.

Consumption (±5%):
– in standby: 12mA.
– with audio and video: 300mA.
– call: 400mA.

Size of product when packed: 5,1×22,2×20,7 cm

EAN 13: 8424299094014

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