Fermax Universal 4+N VEO Telephone

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Audio terminal. Installed in homes, it allows communication with the entrance panel and door opening.

A new concept of home phone. An integrated design, according to new trends and lifestyles, simple and functional that combines quality and design.

Its purity of lines, its technology and features make this equipment an elegant and perfect element for any home.

It is made of high impact ABS plastic, with a textured finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection for greater resistance to light. Wall installation and easy fixing.

Recommended in small / medium size buildings (up to 50 neighbors approx.), With several entrances and a concierge center. For urbanizations with general entrance and inner blocks.

Conventional System: it uses common wires for the entire installation plus 1 call wire (or callback) per dwelling.

– Audio: 4 common wires + N (1 call wire per dwelling).
Maximum installation distance depending on the section of the cable used (see technical manuals)


– Can replace most standard phones from other brands, both buzzer call and electronic. Also old Fermax models.

– Match the connections of the Universal Telephone with the corresponding ones of the telephone to be replaced according to the equivalences table included with the equipment.

– It includes:
* Volume regulation potentiometers in both directions.
* Device for electronic call or buzzer configuration.
* Device for configuration of common mass or separate masses.

The terminal incorporates a magnet in the area of the handset that allows the arm to be well hung and fixed to the base.

This prevents the arm from falling during its hanging, damaging the wall and also prevents it from causing failures in the installation due to being poorly hung.

Screw on surface.

System power:
– Audio: 12 Vac
– Video: 18 Vdc

Door opener button.


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