Fike Sita ASD Detector without Sounder

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 Fike Sita ASD Detector without Sounder – 205-0003

The detector uses a multifunction smoke and heat detector with three smoke detection modes and three heat detection modes. Detector comes with an inbuilt short circuit isolator. These options are set by the PC or control panel depending on the system type supplied complete with dust cover.

Key Features:

    Fast short circuit isolator in every device
    15 combinations of smoke & heat detection modes
    Multi stage alarms – pre alarm feature
    7 sound patterns – plus off, 3 different volume settings – if using Sita
    Multipoint with integral sounder
    Auxiliary digital inputs and outputs are available at any Addressable
    Multipoint device
    Automatic continuous self calibration
    Addressable Multipoint detector is monitored for all failures of sensor chamber – warning is indicated when a smoke detector head requires servicing
    Maintenance is made easy with the unique disposable optical chamber, designed as a cost effective solution to cleaning and re-calibration

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