Fulleon Mosquito

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Mosquito Ultrasonic

The Mosquito is a non-invasive device that has been specifically designed to disperse groups of teenagers who may be loitering in areas where they could prove to be a nuisance.

Whilst most young people are law-abiding and cause no problems, the presence of certain groups of teenagers can often discourage genuine customers from entering shops and other premises with a subsequent detrimental effect on turnover and profits.

This type of anti-social behaviour has become the biggest threat to private property over the last decade and there has been no effective solution until now.

The Mosquito ultrasonic deterrent produces a signal close to the limit of hearing in people up to the age of 25 years. Although the sound is not painful it does become highly irritating after five to ten minutes exposure.

The result is that the majority of under – 25s leave the immediate area, while those over 30, because of natural hearing loss, will be unaware of the noise. The system is totally safe even after prolonged exposure.

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