Ganz ANPR PC Processor including RSC-CC1 & CC2 & CC3 & CC4 Cards

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The RSC (Roadstar capture) range is an automatic number
plate recognition (ANPR) system consisting of processor
and software that is expandable from a single lane up to a
four lanes either in single steps or all at once. This size of
the system can be specified either at the outset of the
requirement or can be field upgradeable as and when
necessary. There are no license fees required when
expanding as only the price of capture cards needs to be

The Roadstar software processes the number plate day or
night images from ANPR cameras and vehicle type, colour,
occupants and any other identifying features from the
overview cameras. It then provides reports from the data
and responds according to the set up.

Each lane consists of an ANPR camera and up to three
overview cameras. The overview cameras can be displayed
as single pictures or in quad mode with 21 frames each
per capture.

For high flexibility several reporting screens can be set up
according to its particular application. For example,
statistical analysis will show average speed, average stay
time, etc, whereas the review screen can replay and
provide search criteria for all recorded data. Known
vehicle owners can have their own data entered into the
database relating their name, position, department,
company, etc, to their vehicle. Alarm settings within the
system can be programmed to alert for mismatch, stolen
vehicles, over speed, non-authorised entry,

Applications such as automatic barrier control in
car parks, toll booths, and access to restricted sites are
possible or, used in control of vehicle flow, petrol
stations, hotels and leisure complexes in fact, any
application where vehicle management is important.

An optional external LED display can be
added to provide information to users.

RSC-1, RSC-2, RSC-3, RSC-4
Ordering Code RSC-1, RSC-2, RSC-3, RSC-4
Key Points
  • Available as one to four lanes
  • Field expandable
  • No license fees
  • Day or Night identification
  • Highly accurate readings
  • Processes both ANPR and overview cameras
  • Quad display of vehicle from different cameras
  • Powerful search criteria
  • Huge vehicle driver database
  • Alarm settings

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