Ganz Roadstar Capture Kit Complete 10m (1 camera)

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Used for vehicle identification, the RSC-Kit is a package of
easy to install components that gives users a complete
automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system for up
to two ANPR cameras and six overview cameras,
depending upon the particularkit chosen.

An ANPR system provides number plate capture, storage
and process of data for applications such as automatic
barrier control in car parks, toll booths, access to
restricted sites, etc, or can be used in control of vehicle
flow, petrol stations, hotels and leisure complexes in fact,
any application where vehicle management is important.

The special ANPR camera (available as 10M or 20M
options) is used to view number plates during daylight
and night time conditions. This information along with
details from the overview cameras such as, the driver,
vehicle type and colour is sent to the processor for
storage and any particular action such as raising barriers,
sounding alarms, etc, depending upon the application
being used.

An optional external LED display can be added to provide
information to users. The RSC-Kits comprise of one or two
ANPR cameras, pre-configured processor with capture
card(s), roadstar software, keyboard & mouse, 17

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