GJD D-TECT X Wireless External PIR Detector

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Wireless External PIR Detector

The D-TECT X combines advanced wireless technology for a 500 metre communication range with unique signal processing and optical systems, designed to maximise genuine event capture and minimise false alarms.

Part Codes – GJD390 Chrome plated D-TECT X Wireless External PIR Detector


 ● Long range wireless operation minimises installation costs on medium to large sites and for perimeter protection
● Aesthetically pleasing modern design incorporating advanced technological features with radically powerful capabilities
● Transmits radio signals in one of over 16.7 million individual codesover a range of 250 metres to the D-TECTx Receiver or a wireless repeater to extend the range
● When a Detector is triggered it transmits a signal to  control and activate CCTV cameras, security lights, DVRs,autodialers and virtually any low-voltage switching device
● Has exceptional resistance to false alarms and a high immunity to triggers from the sun, reflections and shadows to minimise the potential for false alarms, enabling response centres to deal with genuine threats
● The adjustable pan (180o) & tilt (90o) electronics module 1 with integral masking curtains 2, coupled with a mounting heightof up to 6 metres, allows the view of D-TECTX sensor and the camera to be matched
● The robust zinc alloy metal case is IP55 rated and fitted with front & rear tamper switches 3
●  The D-TECTX Detector can be powered by 3 x AA batteries or by an optional separate 12 – 24V AC/DC supply.No other external wireless movement detectors have a comparable range and offer such a wide range of features to enhance the detection of threats and significantly reduce the incidence of false and nuisance alarms.The D-TECTX range sets new standards of performance andcontrol and is much easier and far more economical to


Transmission Range:
500 metre line of sight
Transmission Codes:
Beam Range:
Programmable up to 30m
10° – 70° detection angle, 30m by 30m coverage max
180° pan + 90° tilt
Mounting Height:
Variable – optimum 3m
Customised Optics:
Double silicon shielded quad element eliminates 50’000 lux of white light.
Power input:
3 x AA batteries or option 12 – 24V AC/DC
Pulse Count:
1 – 3
Walk Test:
Output test mode using walk test signal strength detector
Operating Temp:
-20°C to + 55°C. Conformally coated electronics for increased stability
Adjustable Timer Options
2 to 60 seconds
Protection Rating:
IP 55


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