GJD Dygizone Security Lighting Kit White Dygizone Keypad GJD600

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KIT Includes:

    2 x GJD910 Dygizone Lighting Controller
    1 x GJD040 Expansion Unit
    4 x GJD020 Opal XL External PIR Sensor

GJD910C DygiZone Lighting Controller complete with GJD040 Expanion Unit:

GJD Dygizone Multifunction 4 Zone Controller complete with GJD040 4 zone expansion unit

A Dygizone control panel for the front and back doors, expansion unit and then 4 Opal XL PIRs to monitor the whole perimeter of the property.  This can then be connected to a warning device of your choice, be that audible or visual


  •     Precise 24 hour control and monitoring of 4 zones of security lighting via a user-friendly control  panel and modern LCD display.
  •     Programmable functions that accurately control the activation, timing and duration of the lighting to minimise energy consumption and light pollution.
  •     Any one of 5 mode settings can be programmed for each zone.
  •     When the external GJD sensors are activated, the DygiZone indicates which Zone has been activated by either an audible beep or a 10 second pre-recordable voice message – and the Zone indicator is illuminated on the control panel.
  •     2 programmable timers for each zone allows the lighting to be automatically switched on & off at pre-set periods for a pre-set time – ideal for when a building or premises are unoccupied.
  •     A system overide can be made from up to 3 locations at any time.
  •     The system can be expanded to enable up to a 30,000 Watts of lighting to be controlled and switched as required.


4 x GJD 020 Opal XL External PIR Detector:

Fully adjustable both horizontally  and vertically with a multifuntion lens to suit all applications. When positioned to individual requirements the module is protected with a UV stabilised lens cover which hides areas of coverage.

When used with the GJD range of security lighting controllers, 24 hour indication and movement activated lighting for a timed period is automatically provided.

The Opal XL is a reliable professional external passive infra red sensor with independent photocell to trigger lights during darkness with an adjustable range of up to 35 metres.

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