Honeywell DT7435EOL K band Dual Tec

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DUAL Technology Motion Sensor
K-Band Technology

The fully-featured DUAL TEC DT7435 motion sensor achieves reliable protection and improved false alarm immunity through DualCore.  Dual Technology Detector with Pet Immunity to 45kg


  • Advanced DualCore™ Signal Processing supports a multitude of advanced functions, including concurrent diagnostics, digital fluorescent light interference filter, digital adaptive microwave threshold, adaptive baselines, and Bi-Directional Temperature Compensation
  • K-Band technology, 25mA @ 12VDC
  • Operating temperature -10°C to 55°C l EN50131-1 Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II
  • Dimensions : 119x71x42mm (h x w x d)
  • Back tamper protection: a feature normally found on Grade 3 sensors.
  • Remote LED enable/disable, in complement of Switch #2: LED EN/DIS.
  • Optional Fault loop: this loop can be used to monitor sensor status. 

Back tamper protection:

Although not required for Grade 2 installations, this provides a higher level of security to customers in situations where the sensor could be re-oriented or removed from the wall (e.g. when fitted in public areas).

The back tamper protection can also be used when the sensor is installed in a corner.

Best if mounted to a stud, solid wood, or with a robust wall anchor. If rear tamper function is not required, do not use these mounting holes.
(A) For wall/surface mounting, remove the wall mount knockout and mark the mounting hole location.
(B) For corner mounting, use a sharp, pointed tool to pierce the thin plastic in the corner mounting hole, and mark the mounting hole location.

Optional “FAULT” loop:

Offers the possibility to supervise the sensor by the control panel, and report fault information.

NOTE: Please ensure that the panel has the capability to support this function.


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