Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 UK Panel & MK8 Keyprox with Internet

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Flex 20 Panel [C005-M-E2]

MK8 Keyprox [CP051-00-01]

Internet Module [A083-00-02]

Galaxy Flex FX020 control panel (Version 3 Software)
Galaxy Flex 20 (FX020) is a feature packed integrated intruder and access control security solution for small systems up to 20 zones that require Security Grade 2 compliance. This hybrid panel, based on a modular design, brings a new level of ease of installation and use that allows installers the flexibility to meet specific customer needs. When communications and radio modules are mounted inside the panel,this panel can literally be installed within minutes!


  • All in one robust, custom-moulded housing with convenient hinged/removable lid
  • Radio module option can be placed inside the panel
  • GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, PSTN, USB communication options inside the panel
  • Up to 20 wired or 8 wireless zones (12 onboard)
  • Up to 25 users
  • Protecting up to 3 groups
  • 2 door controller modules (DCMs) controlling up to 4 doors
  • 500 event logs for both intrusion and access
  • Up to 2 weekly schedules available
  • Three power connection options
  • Supports up to 4 keypads including TouchCenter, new MK8 and traditional MK7 keypads/proxes
  • Auto-detect function for faster installation
  • Scalable and expandable Galaxy® technology
  • Full compliance with EN50131,PD6662:2004/2010, DD243:2004, BS8243:2010, Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II

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