Honeywell Viewguard Dual Anti Mask FAI

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The Viewguard DUAL motion detectors comprise two independent sensor systems: a passive infrared detector and a microwave sensor.

Viewguard DUAL:
Mirror optic dual motion sensor with Anti-Masking


    * Range: 15m x 15m (Selectable to 15, 13, 11 & 8m)
    * Micro processor controlled
    * Current 6.6 mA @ 12VDC
    * Infrared light guide antimasking
    * Memory
    * Operating temperature: -10°C to 55°C.
    * Tamper switch
    * Dimensions (h x w x d): 158 x 64 x 48mm
    * EN50131-1 Security Grade 3, Environmental Class II

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