Knight Seismo Advance Vibration and Motion Sensor

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This is the advanced version of SEISMO. It carries a number of features not present in the standard version.
  • Sensitivity Auto calibration
  • Sensitivity pot
  • Selectable EOL and Alarm resistors
  • Rear tamper detection
  • LED enable jumper
  • Pulse count selectable on board
  • Pulse count selectable via serial link
  • Vibration and motion detection selectable on board
  • Motion sensing available on any movement along the vertical plane
  • Vibration and motion detection selectable via serial link
  • Fault output
  • Selectable Fault resistors
  • Latch terminal
  • First to Alarm memory
  • Remote LED enable
  • Heartbeat LED
  • Serial connection option
EOL Resistor options: 1k,2k2,4k1,4k7,5k6
Alarm Resistor options: 1k,2k2,4k1,4k7,5k6,6k8
Fault Resistor options: 2k2,3k,6k8,12k

Dimensions(mm): 88 x 25 x 22.8

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