MDT Avanti LC Plus Steel Control Panel

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The Avanti LC PLUS is the next step up from Avanti LC . If you need more than 8 Zones and want to connect some form of communications device, whether that be a speech dialler, Redcare or GSM then Avanti LC PLUS is the panel for you.

Avanti LC PLUS is an 8 Zone Control panel and just like Avanti LC is exceptionally user friendly. All Avanti LCD RKP’s have a unique Help File built-in, meaning there’s almost no need for instructions! The 32 Character display is menu driven and exceptionally intuitive.

3 Part Sets, up to 4 RKP’s, additional outputs and a 256 Time & Date Stamped Event Log makes Avanti LC PLUS a very logical option.

Wiring is very familiar and tamper can be wired EOL or global. The terminology that all Avanti panels use is exceptionally familiar – reassuring to know that mdt Westech doesn’t belive in re-inventing the wheel!

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