Menvier 1000KPZ, 1000 Zone Expandable Control Unit

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COOPER(Menvier) Menvier1000KPZ, 1000 Zone Expandable Control Unit with KEY-KPZ01 (Wired keypad, with built-in prox and two zones on board)

Menvier1000 has all the functionality and robustness of the Menvier product lines; scaled to 1,000 zones, 1,000 users, including 1,000 outputs and with 1,000 meters of cable per bus, the Menvier1000 meets and surpasses the most demanding security specifications.

System outputs are fully customisable using the enhanced web browser interface either directly onto the panel or over a local network connection. The larger metal box which can accommodate up to two 12v 17Ah batteries.

Ideal for replacing large systems in Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals or Large Commercial buildings.

At a Glance:

  • 1,000 zones
  • 1,000 users
  • 1,000 outputs (wired or radio)
  • 250 bus devices (25 per bus)
  • 10 buses
  • 50 wards
  • 5,000 mandatory log events

BS8243 compliant


Built-in web server


Maximum  zones

1000  (1000 hybrid)



Maximum bus devices


Plug-by outputs


Total number of log events


KEY-KPZ01 – Wired keypad, with built-in prox and two zones on board

Small and discreet keypad with three functional variants which provide a consistent appearance throughout the property when different keypad specifications are required.

The prox enabled keypads also have connections for an external prox reader in addition to the built-in internal prox. With the KEY-KPZ01 there are two zones on board for added installation flexibility.

At a Glance:

  • Programmable brightness and volume levels
  • Custom output (KEY-KPZ01)
  • Built-in piezo sounder for the locate a bus device feature and exit/entry tones on wired only
  • Specified HUA button
  • Works with the KEY-EP external proximity reader


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