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Key Features 

  • 32 character blue LCD display with integral microphone and loudspeaker.
  • DTMF dialling method.
  • All information is permanently stored in an NVM (Non Volatile Memory).
  • 128 event log with time and date.
  • Up to 32 seconds for messages.
  • One common message and up to 8 user-defined voice or SMS text messages can be stored. These can be re-recorded.
  • Up to 10 contacts can be stored. They can be assigned 32 character text string, which includes name, telephone number and message type.
  • Programmed information is password protected.
  • The dialler can be accessed remotely by dialling into the unit with a touch-tone telephone. Once connected, you can turn on and off the two outputs, activate the listen-in or talkback mode, listen to the message, or record a new message.
  • ‘Listen-In Mode’ switches the internal microphone to the telephone line, so that you can hear activity at the premises.
  • ‘Talkback Mode’ switches the internal loudspeaker to the telephone line so you can talk to the premises.
  • A memo feature can be accessed locally at the unit, or remotely using a touch-tone telephone. New messages will be indicated on the display with an audible tone or flashing display. It can be programmed to record automatically when a trigger input is activated.
  • The unit incorporates a temperature sensor and can display the ambient temperature. High and low alarms may be programmed.
  • Dials any combination of 10 telephone numbers.
  • CTR21 Pan European Approved. Manufactured to comply with R&TTE Directive.

    Technical Specifications 

    Power supply 12v dc from an external source, such as an alarm panel
    Input voltage 11.5 – 14v dc
    Operating temperature 0


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