No Climb

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  • Genuine and non flammable CO stimulus
  • No flammable inappropriate hydrogen
  • Controllable
  • Safe
  • Convenient aerosol format
  • Detector manufacturer endorsed
  • Designed for use with Solo 330 dispenser
Solo C3 is formulated for use with the Solo 330 Dispenser. This
prevents dissipation of the CO, which would occur if used handheld
The design-award winning Solo dispensers are undoubtedly the best
and most popular devices of their type in the world for use in the
functional testing of both smoke and CO detectors.
Designed for use with both A3 / A 4 Smoke Aerosols and the C3 CO
Aerosol, the dispensers hold and protect the smoke (or CO) aerosol,
cover the detector and control the stimulus. The result is effective
and efficient testing while protecting from any inadvertent damage from
misuse. They can be used at low levels, under floor or, on access
poles, at great heights and, aside from their many technical
advantages, they pay for themselves with savings in both test gas and

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