Optex SAFT 3.6V Lithium Battery for IR Beams

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Optex, LSH20, SAFT 3.6V Lithium Battery for IR Beams

The SAFT LSH20 is the primary 3.6V Lithium battery OPTEX recommends to use for the battery-powered AX and SL infra-red beams series to get the best performance.

The LSH20 is a primary 3.6V Lithium battery providing high voltage response manufactured by SAFT. The battery is packed and sold individually. Four batteries (two for the transmitter and two for the receiver) are required for the battery-powered AX- and SL- models and the SL series can accomodate a maximum of eight batteries (four in each beam) to extend the operation life.

Key Features:

  • High drain/pulse capability
  • Wide operating temperature range (-60°C/+85°C)
  • Easy integration into compact systems
  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 3% after 1 year of storage at +20°C)
  • Nominal capacity 13.0 Ah (at 15 mA + 20°C 2.0 V cut off. The capacity restored by the cell varies according to current drain, temperature and cut off)
  • Open circuit voltage (at + 20°C) 3.67 V
  • Nominal voltage (at 2 mA + 20°C) 3.6 V
  • Storage (recommended) + 30°C (+ 86°F) max
  • Operating temperature range – 60°C/+ 85°C (- 76°F/+ 185°F)
  • Stainless steel container
  • Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing
  • Built-in safety vent
  • Finish with 5 A fuse
  • Non-flammable electrolyte
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Component Recognition, (File Number MH 12609)
  • Restricted for transport (Class 9)


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