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The WV-NS320 is the new broadband capable, network dome camera from Panasonic.
It can be connected to both analogue and digital networks and is packed with all the features
expected from a dome camera. When connected to an Ethernet network you can operate it or
monitor images from a PC, or you can use it with an analogue video out and connect to an existing system.

With input from a motion detector or external sensor, it can automatically store images and attach them to an
email or control external devices to turn on lights or start recordings.
The WV-NS320 is also packed with all the features expected from a high quality dome,
combining a 10x zoom lens with 5x digital zoom, it can zoom in for up to 50x close-ups.
It operates in lighting as low as 1.0 lux and can pan a full 360 degrees.

The Flip-A-Chip feature makes it easy to capture subjects passing directly below the camera, image hold
prevents blurring when the camera moves and 16 preset positions provide full coverage of any area.
These specifications make the WV-NS320 the ideal solution for many network applications such as banks
and retail.

Obsolete – No direct replacement

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