Pyronix Deltabell X Module – Grade 2

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Product Features

  • Superior illumination
  • Visual alarm warning feature
  • Twin piezo sounder technology
  • 3 Way tamper action
  • Universal triggering inputs
  • IP65 rated
  • Backlight

Panel Type: Domestic & Commercial


Excellent deterrent – day or night.

The Deltabell X with optional light box provides an excellent deterrent day or night. The Lightbox provides superior lighting to the front of the sounder while the back lit feature shines through the base. 

Not to be tampered with

Featuring cover, base and power tamper protection, you can be assured that you will be alerted to any attempts to disable your bell, and with engineer features applied on your control panel, you will not have any unwanted activation while your external bell is being fitted or under maintenance. 

Style and substance

With twin piezos, covered electronics, tamper protection backlight and front light options, the Deltabell X provides excellent performance and with its unique patented style, will look great on any style of building.

Twin piezo

Twin piezo sounders with high decibel output

3 Way tamper action

Activation from front, back and power supply cut-off ensures protection from sabotage attempts. In this situation, the siren will activate independently from the control panel.

Universal triggering inputs

Can be connected to any output on a manufacturers control panel: positive applied, negative applied, positive removed, negative removed.

Supplied with battery

Complete with a backup battery so that even in the event of an intruder sabotage, the bell box will still operate and protect the property.

Siren cut-off timer

The cut-off timer is defaulted to 15 minutes to meet industry regulations.

Engineer hold off facility

When first powered with the tamper switch open, the sounder will not activate.

Remote engineer hold off

It is possible to disable the bell box tamper when a control panel is in the Engineers Menu.


Module Only, cover and decoy back plate required for complete unit

Cover White

Cover Black.

Cover Chrome.

Cover Yellow.

Cover Blue.

Cover Red.


Backplate Blue

Backplate Black

Backplate Red

Backplate Amber

Backplate Green


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