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All EURO control panels which have been designed to meet the demands of both end users and installers facing the challenges of the 21st century. The EURO 46 is the ideal solution for your EN 50131-1 Grade 2 residential and commercial installations giving you the peace of mind that your customer’s property is protected and the reassurance that all the relevant standards have been met.

With a host of accessories, the EURO 46 offers maximum flexibility and ensures that each EURO system can be individually tailored to the required application. The user interface was designed to be user friendly and maximise false alarm prevention. Users can control their system with upmost simplicity with the proximity card, tag or pin code and also benefit from intelligent setting features.

The Euro 46 in large casing is suitable for grade 3 systems

Now compatable with DIGI-GSM (V9.11c software and above)

8 Onboard Inputs 

8 EoL or Double Pole inputs can be wired direct to the endstation. Further wired or Enforcer wireless detectors can be added via ZEMs

6 Set Points (Max) 

Up to 6 keypads/tag readers can be wired onto the RS485 databus.

75 Users / Tags & 1250 Log Events 

Up to 75 users can be programmed onto the system using PIN codes or Proximity Tags. All events are stored in the NVM and are date/time stamped

Intelligent Set 

This involves the Euro panel automatically recognising home and away modes. It operates by recognising if a user has walked out of the main entrance for a ‘full’ set or walked upstairs for a ‘part’ set.
Compatible with Enforcer Two Way Wireless Technology Using ZEM32-WE 

Wireless keyfobs, detectors and sounders can be seamlessly added through the Wireless ZEM

Product Features

  • Available in small or large casing
  • 6 Set Modes (Areas or level Sets)
  • EoL or Double Pole Configuration
  • 8 onboard inputs (expandable to 46)
  • Up to 6 set Points
  • 75 User Codes / Tags
  • 1250 Log Events (includes 250 Access Log Events)
  • Up to 40 Programmable Outputs
  • Intelligent Set
  • Enforcer Two Way Wireless Technology Compatible
  • Up to 32 wireless inputs using Enforcer wireless devices
  • SMS Messaging (optional modem)
  • Compact Housing
  • Grade 2

Panel Type: Domestic & Commercial


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