Pyronix Euro Flush LCD Mount Keypad

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*Comes with a satin chrome finish casing

Product Features

  • Keypad with built-in tag reader and back-lit full English text LCD screen
  • One programmable output
  • Inputs for 2 EoL zones
  • Backlit symbol indications for alert, alarm, tamper, fault and unset

The new sleek and stylish flush and surface mount keypads feature interchangeable casings that offer unlimited styling options.

No longer will you want a concealed, discreet keypad, but instead you will have a stylish and elegant one that suits your home perfectly.

Working exclusively with our wired and hybrid systems, the new surface & flush mount keypads offer a range of options to suit any home.
Interchangeable casings provide unlimited styling options and upsell advantages, meaning that altering the look of a keypad has never been quicker, easier or more economical.

Compatable with the Euro, Enforcer and HomeControl+ security panels

The surface and flush mount keypad maximises flexibility on the Euro and Enforcer ranges by offering a modern and stylish additional setting device.

The keypad has two inputs and one output and also contains proximity capability to set/unset your control panel*.
Illuminated Keypad

With its LCD backlighting and illuminated keys, the keypad is made easily visible in any environment.
Custom Branding

Installation has never been easier either, as the unbranded window comes unattached from the keypad – allowing you to choose whether to put this in place or contact us for unique branding options.
Additional Casings

Interchangeable casings provide unlimited styling options and upsell advantages. Whether the end user has redecorated or just fancies a change, the new casing options will deliver upsell opportunities for you and the desired look for them. Altering the look of a new or existing keypad has never been quicker, easier or more economical.
Unlimited Options With The Unpainted Casing

Opt for Unpainted [LCD-CASING/BLANK] and choose to paint the keypad with any colour or design that you or your customer desires**.

Flush Mount Back Box [LCD-FLUSHBOX]

Want a flush rather than surface mount fitting? Simply purchase a flush mount back box to deliver the finish required.


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