Pyronix Two way wireless Carbon Monoxide detector

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The CO-WE is a fully two-way wireless peripheral compatible with the Enforcer security system. The CO-WE is also compatible with the EURO hybrid panels through the EURO-ZEM32-WE, giving you unparalleled flexibility when it comes to your hybrid installations. The release of this peripheral will see the Enforcer safety sensor range grow further, providing you with a wide range of security and safety sensors for every wireless application.

  • One Push To Learn Button
  • 868MHz Transceiver FM technology
  • Signal Strenght Indicator on the Device
  • Pyronix High Security Wireless Protocol Encryption

The CO-WE uses an electrochemical sensing unit to measure the amount of carbon monoxide present in the area.

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas which is colourless, odourless and tasteless.

The only way of protecting against possible CO toxicity is to install a carbon monoxide sensor. It will integrate directly with the panels, being programmed to the ‘Gas’ zone so you will have an audible alarm should the detector sense the presence of CO whether or not the system is armed.


Transmission Frequency 868MHz, FM Transceiver Narrow Band
Transmission Method Fully Encrypted Rolling Code
Transmission Range 300m Free Space

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