Risco ShockTec Plus Digital Shock Detector

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RISCO (RK600SG3) Digital shock detector, Grade 3

· Digital Microprocessor with intelligent digital signal processing
· Tre-colour LED enables accurate and reliable calibration with over sensitive and under sensitive indications
· Gross attack detection
· Encapsulated bi-morph piezo electric sensor
· Dual stage adjustment potentiometer
· Cover anti-tamper protection
· Compatibility with most control panels

  • Digital Microprocessor with Intelligent Digital Signal Processing
  • Gross Attack detection
  • Incorporates a door/window magnetic contact for shock and contact protection (separate zones)
  • Ideal for windows, doors, walls and roofs
  • Encapsulated bi-morph piezo electric sensor
  • Model name: RK601SM Shocktec™ Plus with Contact
  • Attempts to defeat the contact with large magnets cause a tamper alarm
  • Intelligent Digital Signal processing – differentiates between naturally caused vibrations and cuts out frequencies that cannot be caused by an illegal entry attempt

Technical Specification:

  • Supply voltage: 9V-16V DC
  • Current consumption (typical): 7.5mA
  • Operational temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • Sensitivity setting: Dual stage potentiometer
  • Tri-color LED indicator: Orange-over-sensitive, green: alarm & correct calibration, red: under-sensitive
  • Contact ratings:
  • Alarm relay: 100mA at 24VDC, NC, Optorelay
  • Tamper relay: 500mA at 24VDC, NC
  • Reed relay: 100mA at 24 VDC, NC
  • Alarm Time: 2.5 seconds
  • Latching modes: Any or first to latch operation modes
  • Max No. of units on Any Latch loop: 80
  • Max No of units on 1st to Latch loop: 10
  • False alarm protection: Digital microprocessor signal processing and noise reduction with maximum ground plane
  • Electrostatic discharge: No false alarms up to 8kV
  • RF immunity: 40 V/m from 80MHz to 1GHz
  • Enclosure material: Flame retardant ABS
  • Enclosure dimensions: 25x28x95mm for the detector, 10x12x58mm for the magnet






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