Scantronic 10 Zone Closed Circuit Zone Expander

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Alternative is [EXP-W10]

New 10 zone closed circuit or CC zone expander device that can increase the number of CC inputs per expander on a control panel, allowing more detectors with CC wiring to be installed. The EXP-WCC is the latest addition to Eaton’s range of expanders and has been developed following extensive customer demand for a 10 zone CC product that increases design flexibility and performs to the highest possible standards.

Utilising the same housing as the company’s popular EXP-W10 expander, which supports five closed circuit (CC) zones the EXP-WCC is a perfect upgrade solution for mixed zone systems and can be integrated with Eaton’s industryleading Menvier and Scantronic i-onEX control panels.

As well as boasting semi-automatic addressing capability, it has the ability to accommodate all types of resistances – two wire and four wire CC and 1k/1k, 2k2/2k2, 2k2/4k7, 4k7/4k7 fully supervised loop (FSL) – or a combination of these variants.The EXP-WCC also supports masking and fault conditions to be fully Grade 3 compliant. The use of CC technology adds support to any traditionally wired control panels, providing a solution that can be used in almost any situation.

The unit is housed within a white plastic case, which has a built-in shrouded back tamper and internal clips to hold the output expander card. For installers the EXP-WCC has the massive advantage of reducing the need to have extra stock in vans or a warehouse, as one product is now able to cover all installations when expanding a system. Convenience is also factored as the EXP-WCC can be used with the Eaton expander locator, a product that is especially useful for installers who are new to a property, or service engineers.

EXP-WCC devices are compatible with any system using V4.04 of Eaton’s system software, which was launched earlier this year. By using a common web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer via any desktop or mobile device, installers and end users can gain remote access to control panels and to programme this device either through the web interface or by using a virtual keypad. V4.04 is free of charge and any installers who are members of Eaton’s touchpoint membership programme have the ability to configure control panels with the new software.



Product name EXP-WCC
Zones 10

4 transistor based

Loudspeakers 1
Security Grade 2 or 3
Operating temperature -10 to +55 C
Humidity 0 to 93% RH, Non-condensing
Case material ABS
12V AUX Supply 550mA Max
12V Expander BUS 400mA Max
LS connections 280mA in alarm
Wired expander requirements     20mA Max Quiescent, 300mA in alarm if sounder connected
10 FSL Zones 20mA
10 CC Zones 30mA
Immunity EN50130-4
Emissions EN61000-6-3
Electrical safety EN60950-1



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