Scantronic 40 zone hybrid control panel

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The i-on40H, hybrid control panel offers a straightforward secure configuration using the enhanced web browser and is compatible with Eaton’s full range of radio peripherals and plug on communicators.

Feature packed to deliver you real benifits

Highly secure encrypted web browser: mobile and tablet friendly interface for easy on-site system configuration
Email notification: Provides detailed system event information and image verification, when alarm is activated
SIA over IP: IP communication to your ARC with no requirement for a PSTN line, removing call charges and line fees

Easy updates

Panel software updatable: provides choice of easy firmware update methods using Ethernet, USB and SD card

At a Glance:

• 30 radio and 10 wired zones expandable to 80
• Hybrid expansion using EXP-R10/R30/ W10/ PSU
• Ethernet/ web server/ virtual keypad
• Visual verification
• Perimeter zone functionality
• SMS control
• Plug on ARC/ Speech/ SMS for PSTN/ GSM
• Class leading Scantronic radio
• UDL/ ARD over IP or PSTN
• EN50131 Grade II: Independently approved


Product Specification

Compliance EN50131-1:2006 + A1:2009 Grade 2 and environmental class II, EN50131-3:2009, EN50131-6:2008,
BS8243:2010, PD6662:2010 + IA1501: 2015
Zones 30 Radio and 10 wired on board, expandable to 80, all fully programmable
Partitions 4 independent partitions each with a part set or full set and three part sets
Users 50 user codes, 4 digit PIN number, proximity, remote control or radio panic button
Event log 1000 events; 750 mandatory events and 250 non-mandatory
Outputs Two programmable relay outputs
One 500mA open collector programmable outputs
12 low-current outputs for plug-by communicators
10 radio outputs
Bus devices Accepts up to 20 bus devices (keypads, expanders and power supplies)
Internal sounder One independently controlled 16 Ω speaker
4 internal radio sounders
External sirens Dedicatated Siren and Strobe open collector outputs
4 External Radio Sirens
Remote communications SIA IP via built in Ethernet port
Email and images via via built in Ethernet port
Footprint for connection of a range of alarm communications modules as described below
Visual verification Up to 4 IP cameras
Power supply Conforms to EN50131-6:2008 Type A power supply, rated power output 1.0A. 650mA is available for
auxiliary power
Configuration options Cooper Downloader via USB, IP or plug-on comms module, web browser via built in Ethernet port
Battery Accepts a 12v standby battery up to 7Ah rechargeable lead acid, gel type
Dimensions End station: 384 x 245 x 94mm
Weight End station: 2.2kg
Temperature range Environmental class II. Tested -10°C to 55°C @ 93% RH


Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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